Welcome To Little Feet Hypnobirthing – Helping you to have a more positive birth experience one step at a time.

Many congratulations on your pregnancy!

If you’ve come across Little Feet Hypnobirthing, it’s because you’ve been searching for a more positive birth experience than perhaps you’ve already heard about, or experienced yourself. 

Perhaps you’re looking for an antenatal class in Ormskirk that’s different from what you’ve already experienced or heard about. If so, then you are in the right place! Perhaps you are looking for ways to help you and your partner feel more actively involved in your birth experience?

My Birth Preparation and Hypnobirthing course empowers you to be prepared and fully informed before the special day. Bespoke and taught on a 1:1 basis to you and your partner in a relaxed and private setting, tailored to meet your individual needs, I not only dispel any predetermined fears you and your partner may have, but I encourage pregnancy relaxation, allowing  you to let go of any fear during your pregnancy in preparation for the birth and focus on how your body instinctively births your baby naturally.

During the antenatal classes, I teach you a range of tools and techniques which you can choose from to suit you and your individual wishes for birth since no two women are the same. Everyone is unique.

I firmly believe that regardless of where and how you choose to birth your baby, you can have a positive birth experience: I care that you have options, choice and have been respected throughout your pregnancy and birth. I’d love to speak to you more about how I can help make your birth a more positive and unique experience. 
I look forward to hearing from you!


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