Circle of Life

Apparently, the top ten song to give birth to is Elton John’s “Circle of Life” (Closely followed by “I Want to Break Free” by Queen)! I have fond memories of attending births where one mum to be laboured to the Rocky Theme (you’re humming it now, aren’t you?) And another birthed to Basement Jaxx “Where’s Your Head At?” literally as the baby’s head was making an appearance. Not your average whale songs people may have anticipated, however, it worked for them!

When I was in labour my husband compiled a playlist of album’s he thought I’d find calming. 
One album in particular worked like a charm, so much so, I had it on repeat the whole of my son’s labour, and then the whole of my daughter’s. We can’t listen to it now without being transported back to those evenings as I laboured and the music played on. 

Recent evidence has pointed out that not only does music helps distract you, as it acts through the higher centres of your central nervous system to relieve pain. Music we enjoy releases serotonin, the pleasure hormone. Music we are attached to because it brings back happy, pleasurable memories relaxes us.

So choosing music which brings to your mind happy memories and pleasant experiences, helps you to release endorphins, helping you to relax further.

It’s another reason the relaxation techniques include music, not just verbal cues. The music itself becomes a trigger for relaxation which goes on to benefit the baby once born, soothing and relaxing them when they hear it. After all, they’ve been able to hear it every time it’s been played whilst you have been playing it practising your relaxation techniques leading up to their birth!