Aughton Hypnotherapy

As of March 2019 I started my Solution Focussed Clinical Hypnotherapy training with @CPHT Liverpool.

This is an intense 10 month course which I will complete in December of 2019 and enhances the Hypnobirthing course I already teach. It enables me to treat individuals with a whole variety of depression and anxiety disorders along with phobias and stopping smoking and so much more.

The course entails many clinical hours and at the moment it is proving to be keeping me very busy!

With this in mind, it does reduce my availability and flexibility for Hypnobirthing clients and my clinic is being run alongside Little Feet Hypnobirthing.

For those of you who don’t know what Solution Focused hypnotherapy is, I’ll start with what it isn’t:

🤯It’s not stage hypnosis, I don’t send anyone away thinking they’re a chicken
🤯there’s no digging into your past, this is all about focusing on your future.
🤯there are no swinging watches/look into my eyes not around my eyes involved 😝

What Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is:

🗣”Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses practical, modern and well researched strategies to help people make significant, positive changes in their lives in a relatively short period of time”
🗣Treatment for Phobia’s is carried out in a really gentle and relaxing way, there’s no exposure to what you have a fear of. 
🗣Is concerned with addressing the solution rather than the problem.
🗣It can be very effective in the treatment of anxiety disorders, phobias and depression as well as many other issues

I am a member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapists

If you feel you would benefit from some Hypnotherapy, or would like some more information please email for more details.

Many thanks

Jen x